About Sleep Medicine Specialists:

Sleep Medicine Specialists is an independent physician-owned sleep disorders program with three offices to serve the Louisville Metro area. We offer two conveniently located sleep disorders centers which are accredited by the American Board of Sleep Medicine with a number of private, comfortable testing suites. Our testing suites include flat panel cable TV with full or queen size beds located in a quiet and relaxing environment. A shower is also available for those needing to go straight to work. Sleep studies are scheduled six days a week to accommodate your busy schedule. To schedule an appointment click here.

Interesting Facts about Sleep*:

  • People can take cat naps with their eyes open without even knowing it.
  • Adults who don’t get enough sleep tend to act sluggish, but sleep-deprived children may be hyperactive.
  • Humans spend about a third of their lives asleep.
  • One in five adults fail to get enough sleep.
  • Most dreams involve normal situations with familiar people; bizarre, fantastic or intense dreams are rare.
  • A change in the body clock keeps most teens from feeling sleepy until 11 p.m. or later.
  • Mild snoring is nearly universal - almost everyone is likely to snore at one time or another.
  • More than half of adults report having nightmares occasionally.
  • The first CPAP machines for the disorder sleep apnea were made from vacuum cleaners.
  • Drinking caffeine during the day can affect how you sleep at night.
  • Sleepwalking tends to be a fairly normal part of a child’s early sleep patterns.
  • No one knows if other species dream but some do have sleep cycles similar to humans.
  • Elephants can sleep while standing or while lying on the ground.
  • Children tend to fall asleep faster and sleep longer when they go to bed before 9 p.m.

(*Courtesy of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine)