Sleep Testing

Sleep Medicine Specialists' offers two convenient methods of evaluating your sleeping patterns. 

In-Lab Sleep Center testing within one of our comfortable suites (most comprehensive)

  • Patients are scheduled for an overnight in-lab sleep test
  • Patients are monitored and recorded with state-of-the-art sleep monitoring equipment which monitors brainwaves, breathing patterns, snoring, SaO2 (blood oxygen levels), leg movements and position
  • Results are scored by a registered sleep technologist and reviewed by your sleep specialist
  • A follow up visit is scheduled with your sleep specialist to discuss results and further recommendations
  • You may return for a second in-lab study if CPAP is recommended

Home Sleep Testing

Some patients may be scheduled for home sleep testing (HST) depending on insurance requirements or ordered by your sleep specialist.  Not everyone should have an HST as it is not as comprehensive or detailed as an in-lab study especially if your physician is looking for other issues besides sleep apnea such as periodic leg movements or other sleep issues.  Your sleep specialist should make the final determination for which option is best for you.

  • Patients are scheduled to stop by the office to pick up an HST device and go over instructions
  • Patients watch an instructional video and self-apply the home study device (see video on right)
  • HST device monitors breathing patterns, SaO2 (blood oxygen levels), heart rate and position
  • Patients return the device to sleep center usually the following day for data to be evaluated
  • Follow up visit is scheduled to discuss HST results and further recommendations